Monday, March 11, 2013

Gender Reveal

How to make a pregnant woman cry: My gender reveal was ruined!! I planned a family dinner at my house which included the members of my husbands immediate family as well as mine. I ordered a cake from local community bakery. It was supposed to be all white on the outside and the inside was supposed to be the color of my babies gender. The plan was to take votes from everyone on their guess of the baby's gender. Once all the votes were in, we would cut the cake and reveal the gender! Well when the cake arrived at my house at 6P (30 minutes before the dinner) it was discovered that it was not correctly made. The outside of the cake had blue and yellow polka dots...errr!!! So there goes the reveal. Luckily for me the rest of the dinner went really well with the support of some great family members!! 
                Love Love


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Girl About Town (20 weeks)

My husband and I attended a wonderful surprise party for a good friend of ours. We had a great time out to dinner with friends from  High School. It was so good to catch with everyone.