Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Definite Maybe

Genesis has been wanting to shave her hair for a couple of years. I finally decided that I would let her go for it. I find myself making these decisions almost daily...giving in to things I once thought I would not allow. I am the type of person that I do not have a problem changing my mind. Being provided new information sometimes gives me new perspective. This is one of those things. She really wanted to shave her hair...my thought process was: Will it harm her? Will it harm someone else? Will her future be altered?  No.  So why should I say no? Because my mom would not let me when I was her age. Because, every other mother would tell me she is too young. Because, her hair will never grow back (NOT). Because, it will make her a rebel (too late). I honestly have no concern for what others think, my only concerns is allowing her be the best Genesis she can and her feeling good about that Genesis.  I love her and I love her style. I love how different she is...she often inspires me. I am sure I have bigger battles coming I choose to not let this be one anymore.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Premediated Spontaneity

DIY jean shorts. Scissors, razor blade, twizzers, and bleach from 99cent store. We used a T.J. Maxx plastic bag to make sure that we only got bleach on the certain parts of the shorts. So one pair has bleach only on the bottom and the other has one leg bleached. You just never know how theses types of projects will come out. I think this went well and turned out the way we had it in our head!