Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Definite Maybe

Genesis has been wanting to shave her hair for a couple of years. I finally decided that I would let her go for it. I find myself making these decisions almost daily...giving in to things I once thought I would not allow. I am the type of person that I do not have a problem changing my mind. Being provided new information sometimes gives me new perspective. This is one of those things. She really wanted to shave her hair...my thought process was: Will it harm her? Will it harm someone else? Will her future be altered?  No.  So why should I say no? Because my mom would not let me when I was her age. Because, every other mother would tell me she is too young. Because, her hair will never grow back (NOT). Because, it will make her a rebel (too late). I honestly have no concern for what others think, my only concerns is allowing her be the best Genesis she can and her feeling good about that Genesis.  I love her and I love her style. I love how different she is...she often inspires me. I am sure I have bigger battles coming I choose to not let this be one anymore.

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