Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unlimited Limits

California is good for me. It embraces the idea of freedom. I have several masters degrees and fully qualified to do a wide variety of careers. Yet I am a private tutor who owns and online store. Most recently I started driving for Lyft and Uber. The freedom that these jobs offer is amazing. Some days I drive a couple hours go home make dinner give baths and go back to driving. These companies provide jobs for a lot of people. With a clean background check and an inspection of your vehicle you can go right to work. 

I like the idea from the driver perspective even more before I drove I was a rider. I love that there is no money changing hands it's all done through an app. It's a safe way to enjoy your evening without having to worry about driving. 

Have you used any of these services? Do you like anyone more then the other? 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hopelessly Optimistic

It never rains in Southern California but when it does it only rains for about and hour and leaves behind this beauty. I was amazed to see the entire rainbow.

We all get wet when it rains but do we see the rainbow after the rain. I feel like that's the hardest part. Mostly because sometimes it rains so long that when its over we are so tired that we miss the beautiful remnants left from it all.

“There is beauty in the struggle” -J.Cole

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Odd Evening

Look there is beer at the movie theater. Even better!!

I had great time at the midnight interactive showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart Theatre . I think it is a wonderful experience so if you get a chance it runs every Saturday Midnight go check it out.