Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unlimited Limits

California is good for me. It embraces the idea of freedom. I have several masters degrees and fully qualified to do a wide variety of careers. Yet I am a private tutor who owns and online store. Most recently I started driving for Lyft and Uber. The freedom that these jobs offer is amazing. Some days I drive a couple hours go home make dinner give baths and go back to driving. These companies provide jobs for a lot of people. With a clean background check and an inspection of your vehicle you can go right to work. 

I like the idea from the driver perspective even more before I drove I was a rider. I love that there is no money changing hands it's all done through an app. It's a safe way to enjoy your evening without having to worry about driving. 

Have you used any of these services? Do you like anyone more then the other? 

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