Thursday, April 19, 2012

Routined Randomness

Too much of the same.
I need a DIY for all my old magazines. I have stacks like this all over my house. Once upon a time it was cool for decoration and now there are just way too many. 
Viva Glam II

New lip color: I have been exploring the world of lipstick via M.A.C.. Really I need to stay away from that place because every time I go to buy lipstick they talk me into a lip liner and gloss. So this time I stood my ground and only bought the lipstick and the gloss. I was almost certain that I already had the liner she was trying to sell me. When I got home I looked through all of my makeup and yes I had that liner. But wait,it gets worse, I had two of that liner. 
Comfortable day at work: Wearing my calculus TOMS(nerd shoes, the name given by my students) . All my fellow Mathematics Professor love them or own a pair.
My favorite watch: A gift for my birthday from Hoursche about three years ago. I love it!! Its automatic so it only works when your wear it.  If a couple days go by and I haven't wore it will stop.  Most often it has the wrong time and date. But so what its cute!!

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  1. You have beautiful lip not to crazy about the lip stick maybe that's because it's not red. I think this Bog thing is good for you so much Confidente