Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is deliberate Randomness?

I was asked this question today when I requested a form to have my blogs look upgraded. And I thought to myself  "I had honestly hoped that that the name would speak for itself ". Nonetheless, it's my personal blog of random things I find interesting that I deliberately talk about, mostly: Fashion, Loves, Life, Family, and Friends. More than anything it's fun to do and it has helped me come out of my shell (for lack of a better phrase). Even-so this question sent my brain on a paradoxical journey. This I say because at first glance it appears that it's all me but the truth is there is another person that contributes to all of this.

It started with a single thought: How did I get here? My immediate thought was "my husband". He has always been so inspiring, by way of allowing my thoughts and interest to wonder. Never does he say that I can not do something, be someone, or go to some far away place (physically and mentally). When I say " I think I want to start a blog." He says "Great, you should!"

I would like to say thank you to my husband as he is my biggest fan! I have to honestly say that the person I am today has so much to do with the person he is for me. I have discovered so much about who I am from the ability to be myself. The ability to openly be different without the stares that outsiders give. The ability to see and be the person that has always been in me.

Life is a roller coaster but who better to take the ride with then your best friend! The person who sees you for who you are but knows and understands the person you aspire to be.

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