Friday, September 26, 2014

Romeo Realities

This guy: The love I have for my husband is crazy! I will be with him forever. He is my best-friend. While we are so different we are finding out how much we are alike. I truly love his proclivity to motivate. I am so all over the place and he is totally ok with that! Plus I really think that is why I have been able to find myself and be ok with who she is...deliberate randomness! That's exactly who I am, where I am and totally what I like...deliberate randomness. 

Love Love 
Ingrid St. James


  1. I love all of your post, but I LOVE the way you share how much you love your husband! Your family is so blessed to have you! You have such a beautiful spirit and heart. I miss our conversations! Love ya chic!

    1. Thank you Ebony. You are so kind. I miss you too! I hope all is well.