Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Tradition

Jacket: deliberate Randomness

Shirt: deliberate Randomness

Jacket: deliberate Randomness

 I am so excited that our online store now offers a great men's collection. I have truly enjoyed being a small business owner. This store was created because of a personal need of mine. As a working mother and wife of a large family the need for a one stop shop became very apparent. I thought how much easier would it be if upon receiving a wedding invitation I could go to one shop for all 6 children, myself, my husband, and the wedding gift. I have always had to go from store to store spending an entire weekend shopping for one event. 
Adding the men's collection to the deliberate Randomness brand makes the collection complete. I look forward to continuous growth within the company. Keep checking the store for up dates we will continue to had more great and unique items. 

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