Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Working Holiday

Putting my Christmas tree together this year was a blast. Maybe because Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. But then maybe it's because this time last year we were living in a hotel and had a very ratchet Christmas tree. Even more I look forward to next year as I build on this years tree. 

One of my favorite things on this years tree is that it has a bulb initialed for each of our children.

Picture frames from dollar tree filled with wrapping paper.

There is a beer bottle here that has been spray painted black. Once this was dry we used a spray adhesive all over then glittered the bottle.

The black and gold bulb is from Hobby Lobby and the initialed bulb is Target.

This is an empty wine bottle that has been spray painted black. We then spray an adhesive and glittered.

Lastly, a lantern that we got from Ikea and filled with 99 cent store black and gold bulbs and string Christmas lights.

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