Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lake by the Ocean

My children are my inspiration.

I have gotten so behind on blogging and my negative self talk about being behind hasn't helped. I tell myself that because I'm so far behind I can not catch up and that the material on my phone is too old, no longer relevant. But that is all wrong. The only way to start again is to start again.

So excuse me while I catch up...

These pictures are from Fourth of July. We opted this Holiday to avoid the beach and try a lake. Not sure that was a good idea. We know that the beaches are crowed most holidays but had not been to the lake before. Well it was crowded too and the water was awful. Lets just say we are a beach family! We however made the best of it.

And this is what happens when I say"smile". I love this picture because it is a true look at my children and their personalities.

Like I said the water was awful. My kids love water so they played like it was crystal clear. Its a lake I get it but...

Brooklyn-Monroe was initially uninterested in getting in the water. But changed her mind when we made it there. The swimsuit was in the car but the car was too far to go back. She decided that she just wanted to take her shirt off and get in the water. I told myself it was okay mostly because she was 2 years old but also because the lake was full of people that were not wearing proper swimwear. While in Rome...

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