Monday, October 29, 2012

Routine Randomness

Siri is a great tool but she knows all of my secrets.

What would I do with out my Iphone??  Notes: Well lets just say, I pretty much keep a journal in my Notes, its just easier that way (because I always have my phone with me). Calendar: Keeps track of almost everything I do. When I had to get a new phone and my information was unable to be backed up I was totally lost when it came to the last time I had done things because I keep it all in my calendar.  Reminder:  Keeps me striaght. Siri even knows my favorite drink at Starbucks and my favorite location. Maps: Take me all over the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Shopstyle and of course Blogger, I use them all from my phone. This device knows way too much about me hopefully she will never turn on me.

Love Love,

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