Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I was looking for a leather dress. So who better to ask for help then (I spend a substantial amount of time on ShopStyle I love browsing, it's good therapy for me). 

Using the search engine, I requested to see everything they had on leather dresses... "Should this dress be long or short, black or red". Just then I found it, the perfect dress. I decided to purchase it but as I prepared to click the buy icon, out of nowhere I heard "wake up your dreaming". It was reality calling and I listened. So instead of the buy icon I clicked wish list.

Check out my Wednesday Wish list.

  Love Love


  1. I love the Parker Leather Dress :)


  2. Yes, the Parker is super hot! The dresses really all seem so different so much so that they would be worn for totally different occasions. Thanks for the comment!