Monday, October 6, 2014

Limited Freedom

My L.A. Report: 

This I call a gift and a curse. I love cupcakes. Having any time access if perfect (gift)!! I totally agree with the ideas that anything worth doing is worth over doing yet something about this is just wrong. This limits the number of excuses I have for not getting a cupcake at any time (curse).

The beach is wonderful. The best part is its only a 20 minute drive away. We can go anytime because its always sunny. We can actually make plans for an outdoors day and not have to worry about it getting unexpectedly rained out. The beach gets cold after about 2 o'clock, so we have to get there early and enjoy because it gets cold enough for a sweater.

Driving a Chevy Tahoe is like driving a bus I literally cannot fit in any of the parking spaces as they are all for compact vehicles. I received a $58.00 parking ticket because an inch of my vehicle was not within the lines of the parking space. I do however get great enjoyment from pulling up to meter that still has 18 minutes left. In L.A. I pretty much have pay to park anywhere I go. I use to save change in a piggy bank not these days I need all my change for the parking meters.

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